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Team TIG

IL Massimo Italian Steel Bicycle 


IL Massimo Team  - TIG Columbus Zona

Our TEAM SERIES of frames come from a small shop in Cunio, Italy. From the back doors of the workspace, about 120km away, one can see the Mountains of southeastern France - where some of the greatest cycling races were born and continue to be fought. The most fabulous road riding in the world exists here. Riders of all styles and interests carve through these roads in a glorious commune with nature.  It is, quite literally, European Road Bike Heaven.  Many cycling 'Gruppos' (TEAMS) come here to challenge their abilities and their equipment, as well as one another.    The TEAM SERIES of frames from IL Massimo are designed to represent the valued input from these diverse riders on these many different cycling conditions and terrains.  For 30 years, our builder has worked in this region, hand producing the frames that have satisfied the riders who know what they need their bikes to be. We are proud to offer you his expertise and his passion.  If it is good enough for the Gruppos, it is good enough for us.


  • Tubeset Nemo Columbus Zona Nivachrome (Available also with Life, SL, Spirit as special order)
  • TIG Head, Bottom Bracket, Seat and Stays, Rear Dropouts
  • Traditional Stage Type Geometry
  • Handmade fork, Nivachrome, Cast Crown, Filed Lugs, Brazed Tips, Chrome Plated
  • Shown in IL MASSIMO Silver.
  • Shown with Shimano Ultegra Equipment

Pricing:  TIG Reg: $1500, SALE: $850 



Clients Say:

"I thought about getting a carbon bike. But the comfort and performance of steel won out. I pass
all the riders and thier carbon bikes on my "A" ride. And here's the thing, when I do, they all look at my IL Massimo.
I just look straight ahead at the road in front of me, not even peeking at thier bikes. Total satisfaction."


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