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From the beginning, the interest in the IL MASSIMO philosophy has been fevered with excitement.  A handmade, properly fitting Italian bicycle has been appealing for so many riders, for so long.  Over time, as small builders in Italy have been forced to stop building frames, the true remaining artisans have crafted for themselves a niche - building high end, higher priced frames.  IL Massimo is no different.  Our frames are at the top shelf in terms of quality and desire. 

We understand the importance of offering the same characteristics that make our bikes so special, but at a price that makes it possible for the rider with the 'sport' budget to enjoy all that IL MASSIMO has to offer the cyclist.  We will be honest and tell you this idea is becoming more and more difficult to realize.  However, IL MASSIMO has partnered with our retailer to offer an exciting full bike option that delivers all MAXIMIZATION without compromise.

IL Massimo Italian Steel Bicycle!

For your consideration:

FRAME:  A beautiful frame, hand made by a small shop in Italy known for many years for making a fantastic bicycle.  The steel tubing from Columbus holds the same technical specification as their Zona 858 tubeset.  It is offered in 9 different sizes, all conforming to the 'Stage' style geometry.  The tig welding keeps weight down and helps to retain the natural efficiency and sportiness of the tubing. 

FORK: A traditional design in respect to look and to function.  Carbon legs with alloy steerer and dropouts.  Rake is matched properly to the specific frame size.  A Handmade steel fork in chrome (as pictured above) is available at an upcharge.

COLORS, FINISH: Only one color is available at this option.  Metallic Silver.  The decals are gold with a black outline.  The fork is painted to match.  The frame does not have a alloy head badge, although one can be specified for an additional fee.

Equipment:  Our retailer has arranged for this full bike model to be available to you with entry to mid level equipment ensembles, bearing in mind the goal of a stunning full bike in terms of quality, performance, proper fit, and also affordable price*:

*Full bike, excluding pedals:

Shimano 105 - $2899.99

Shimano Ultegra - $3399.99


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