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Off White, Powder Blue, White (+$75), Red, Black, Yellow, Gunmetal, Lime Green,
Dark Blue (Team), Moltenti Orange are our 10 stock colors.

Choose a non-stock color from almost any color chart or paint product.  There are thousands upon thousands of options in colors, tones, schemes, and exterior finishes.  Please consult with your retailer.

DECALS - There are 4 different decal 'schema' to choose from to further personalize your bicycle.  The decals we use are manufactured in the US by the premier labeling company known for extreme quality.  ALL IL MASSIMO paint jobs are finalized with multiple coats of protective and beautifying clear.  

Among these decal options is the 'PRIMA DONNA' design.  Originally conceived to offer women a way to 'soften' the look over their bike without having to choose a classically feminine color (pink, lavender, purple) for full bike paint, this metallic silver and teal version of the IL MASSIMO logos looks simply amazing on whites, black, silvers, and other toned-down colors, and especially fantastic on pearls.  It has become a favorite of men and women alike. 

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